Mekong Office Space

Shared Office Space
Private Offices

Rent a Desk

Find inspiration and focus in our relaxed working space with panoramic views of the Tonle Sap River and Phnom Penh. 

Join our small community and discover a workspace that fuels your creativity.  

From $100/month

Contact Miss Avy at  +855 12 869 111  |  Whatsapp  |  Telegram 

Rent a Private Office

Private office for rent from 20-40-60m² 

Lots of greenery and natural light

Starting from $8-10/m² + taxes 

See all the private offices 

Contact Miss Avy at  +855 12 869 111  |  Whatsapp  |  Telegram 

Penthouse Office

Private office for rent from 540-650 

Must-see Penthouse Office for rent

From $4-5/m² 


Stunning 350m² Penthouse Apartment

5 bedroom, large kitchen, panoramic living 

From $2,100/month 

Exclusive Floor

Dedicated office floor 520m² for rent

Bright, light and green space designed to grow


On-Site Coffee Shop

Beat the Heat & Boost Your Day! ☀️

Fuel your workday with fresh juices & coffee delivered straight to your office! 

Choose from refreshing juice blends and invigorating coffee, all made with high-quality ingredients. Fresh Talk Coffee passionate about providing healthy options.

Visit Fresh Talk

or order on Telegram +855 96 541 0452 +855 12 869 111  |  Whatsapp  |  Telegram 

The Space

.... jungle building with 2400 square meters of vertical forest

Budget-Friendly Offices & Desks from $100/month! 

Our shared office offers dedicated desks and private office. High-speed internet, a meeting room, onsite coffee shop, security, backup power, parking, and stunning river view over Tonle Sap river.

Join our thriving entrepreneurial community :) 

Contact Miss Avy at  

+855 12 869 111  |  Whatsapp  |  Telegram 

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